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Sweet girls lose innocence

In these bondage videos you`ll see a nice selection of young women that have innocence on their side - but not for long. When this Mistress gets a hold of them innocence will by saying good bye as she turns them into horny pain sluts that just can`t get enough of the rod. When Mistress ties them up for some pussy torment, they just say thank you when she ties the ropes even tighter. As the ropes bite into their delicate flesh they are awakened to their deepest desires and they are ready to take any punishment and pain that their Mistress can dish out.Part of the fun for Mistress is watching them struggle as she ties them up. She can see the pain that they are in and the fear in their eyes is obvious. But they have been told to keep quiet or it will just get worse so they try not to whimper. Eventually they begin to enjoy it and they want Mistresses strong hands against their flesh and that is when the crying and the moaning begins. Mistress knows from those wet pussies that they are ready to completely submit to what ever kind of punishment she wants to submit them to.

Middle class bitch loves torment

She might look like a middle class white bitch by day but at night there is nothing that she loves more than a little bit of pussy torment from her Mistress. This is one set of bondage videos that will leave you craving more because this white bitch really knows how to take some pain from her Mistress. She doesn?t dare complain or cry because that will just make it worse for her and Mistress has no patience for cry babies. But the worst thing Mistress could do, would be to stop all together because this pain slut knows that if she can make it through the torment she will get the best orgasms ever.This middle class broad has always had things the way that she wanted them. Her husband is well trained and does what he is told - cooks, does dishes etc - but he bores the hell out of her in bed. Now Mistress is a different thing all together. Just one glare from her turns her on and when Mistress brings out the ropes and ties her up her pussy gets wet instantly. No matter how rough Mistress is she knows that in the end she is going to get more pleasure than she has ever had before in her lifetime and that is why she always submits to the pussy torment and pain!

Busty ballgagged milf in ropes

This milf never gets what she wants from her older husband so she`s turned to younger men who understand her craving for tit torment, pain, and punishment. She loves a man who is not afraid to take control and put her to her submissive knees to do his bidding. Being tied up turns her on and hearing the whish of the whip in the air makes her pussy wet with anticipation. This pain video will make you wish the whip was in your hands and you`ll be hard as a rock when you see how much pain and suffering this milf can take.It is amazing how she can withstand the pain of those ropes. You can see how red it makes her flesh and you can see how much discomfort she must be in. But it is almost like she wants more because she rubs her pussy against those rough ropes like she likes it - and she does. The tighter the ropes the more excited she gets and it is just excruciating to know that she can?t come unless her young Master allows her to. He gets more excited as he inflicts more pain on her and it becomes a challenge to see just how much she can really take without bursting into orgasm.

Horny girl suffers in the ropes

This girl is so horny and she knows that when she really wants to get off she needs the help of her Mistress. Only her Mistress can give her the kind of pussy torment that she craves. Only her Mistress can tease and torment her and give her the kind of pain that gives her so much pleasure. This girl is a total sub slut and she will do what ever her Mistress tells her to do in order to reach the kind of satisfaction that only she can deliver. These great lesbian bondage videos will send you over the edge of delirium. You will not want to miss out on this hot pussy torment scene where this cute blonde is tied up in every position you can imagine. Those ropes really bite into her skin and they bit into her breasts and her pussy at the same time making her squirm. She knows that she shouldn?t scream or yelp because that will just make Mistress mad and tie those ropes even tighter but she can?t help it sometimes. Then Mistress has an excuse to inflict some more pain upon her! But that is great because this pain video gets even hotter!

Husband tortures horny housewife

This is one horny housewife and her husband learned a long time ago that she is not the kind of wife that wants roses and breakfast in bed and sweet words. She wants a tough hand that is willing to administer the kind of tit torment that really turns her on. When you see this pain video you are going to reach for your cock when you see how truly brutal this man is with his wife and how much it drives her wild. The more she surrenders herself to him the more he torments her body and turns on her mind for the most mind blowing sex ever.Bondage videos like this one are sure to make you hard when you see how uncomfortable this trained housewife is as her husband treats her to some cruel punishment. Even though she struggles against the ropes it is only to cause more friction because the pain that they cause really turns her on. The greater the pain of the pussy torment the great her orgasm when she is finally allowed to cum. He?s not going to let it be that easy though. He?ll play with her for hours, having his fun, before he gives her the privilege of reaching orgasm.

Mistress loves to see them squirm

When it comes to a good pain video you can?t miss out on this one. This Mistress of pain knows how to deliver some serious tit torment to her horny slave girl. When she wants satisfaction, she knows that this pain slut will deliver because she can withstand any amount of pain and suffering. She gets off on the pain and she loves every moment of it and when she thanks her Mistress it is genuine. A pain slut like this doesn?t come around every day and this Mistress is going to take advantage of every moment that she has her in her dungeon!Mistress loves seeing her pain slut squirm as the ropes are bound around her breasts, through her thighs and over her pussy. The tighter she pulls the ropes the more her subbie has to fight not to scream. But the more the sub slut squirms the tighter the ropes get and the more they rub against her most sensitive parts. As the pain increases her sub gets wet and Mistress can tell how excited she is getting. Soon, sounds of discomfort turn into whimpers of pleasure and Mistress knows that it will only take a few rough pinches and a couple of firm slaps to the breast before she is shaking in one intense orgasm.

Wife has her own mistress

When her husband goes out of town the first thing this horny wife does is call her Mistress so that she can have some of the painful sex that she really craves. Her Mistress knows how to deliver the pussy torment that she craves, unlike her husband who is too much of a wussy to have the upper hand. This wife is a pain slut and she knows that her Mistress can give her the kind of pain that she craves when she submits to being tied up and bound and gagged. This set of bondage videos will make you lose your mind.You?re going to love seeing this horny wife all tied up, naked and helpless as her Mistress delivers all sorts of punishments upon her porcelain white flesh. She may protest when she first gets tied up but that just inspires Mistress more and those ropes are pulled taught. The ropes between her legs rub against her wet pussy and each time she squirms the ropes bite into her. But it is hard not to squirm when she is so uncomfortable and in so much pain that it makes her want to cum. But she?d better hold off otherwise Mistress will just punish her more!

Three girls for one mistress

This pain video is a wet dream for any Mistress or Master that loves a real challenge. She has not one, not two, but three pain sluts that are excited to submit to her every whim and she has all the tools that she needs to deliver some real tit torment upon these submissive women. Every one of them is willing to let her deliver all sorts of pain and they get wet and excited as they are tied up into every compromising position possible. Bondage videos like this one are sure to excite you and drive you wild and make you crave more.The excitement of having three submissive sluts in the room of once is so alluring. You can practically smell their fear. And the panic that the feel is intensified. They try to stay calm but it is hard when you can hear Mistress punishing one girl right beside you and every time you move the ropes get tighter and rub against your flesh. These three babes know that it is only a matter of time though before Mistress will allow them to get past the pain to reach the most intense orgasms you?ve ever seen. You?ll love watch this pain video build up like a volcano!

Average women want more

Sometimes the most normal looking women are the ones with the biggest fetishes - like the women in this pain video set. These broads come across as being so average - average looks, average weight, average wives - but underneath it all they are complete pain sluts that crave pussy torments to make them feel sexually alive. Their husbands can`t deliver the kind of sex they need so they seek out Masters and Mistresses that don`t mind tying them up and treating them like the submissive sluts that they are. The more pain they are submitted to the more turned on they get.The women in these bondage videos are really enjoying their experiences in the ropes. Although they undergo excruciating pain from their Master or Mistress the bigger the pain the more pleasure they get in the end. The biting ropes make every inch of their flesh more sensitive and when they undergo extreme tit torment they just go over the deep end. A whimper of pain sets off all the pleasure points in their brain and a soft touch followed by a stinging pinch drives them wild. These average women want more and they certainly get it in these bondage videos!

Mature and ready for pain and pleasure

This mature lady is tired of boring, missionary position sex and her husband has been boring her out of the sack lately. She`s been craving more and when she discovered how much tit torment turned her on she couldn`t get enough. In fact, rough and painful bondage turned out to be just her thing and her Master knew just what to do to drive her wild and to make that pussy of hers wet again. This set of bondage videos will give you an idea of just how much she likes it. Tight ropes to bite into her sensitive flesh and a ball gag to minimize her screams are just the thing to make this old broad cum.This is a great scene because it seems so genuine. He knew her husband was out of town so her Master broke into the house while she was resting and tied her up. She didn`t know for sure but she suspected it was her Master and each painful knot in the ropes strategically placed turns her on. She`s wild with panic and pain but it just drives her closer to the edge of a truly amazing orgasm. How long can she last before she gives in to the pleasure?

Submissive sluts barred and tied

If you are looking for a great pain video you have to check out one of these babes in some serious pain and torment scenes. These chicks love pussy torment and they just are not satisfied until they are screaming with the ecstasy of pain and pleasure. Their Mistresses and Masters know that it takes a lot of pain to get to the pleasure and they are not afraid to deliver it with ropes to bind their pain sluts and whips to sting the flesh. These ladies have been to the land of missionary positions and they are truly bored. Now the only thing that will get them off is submitting to the pleasures of another through pain.This time these ladies have been dragged down to a dank dungeon where they are tied upside down and in every position you can imagine. There is more than one Master to make sure that each woman is going to have her fair share of tit torment. They love watching these submissive sluts squirm in their ropes and the women are getting more excited by the moment. For every slap and pinch that they receive, for each painful tightening of the ropes, their pussys get wet with their excitement.

Models give in to pain

These two gorgeous girls are used to getting everything they want. As models they practically have men jumping at the chance to do their bidding in bed. And it is sooo boring after awhile! But this guy is different. He knows what they need - some serious tit torment! He seduces them into coming back to his room and soon has them tied up. Oh yes, they did fight back but once they found out how incredibly pleasurable the pain that he delivered could be they started thanking him for every lash that he delivered to their perfect flesh. This is one pain video that you do not want to miss!Because they are so new to this kind of pain they really fight the ropes at first but they finally realize that the more the fight it the more pain they will get in return. They are truly at the mercy of the ropes and they can`t do a thing about it. When they finally realize that it is then that they can accept the pain and the pleasure that comes with it. Every lash, every pinch, every stinging slap becomes something that they start to anticipate and they find that there is ecstasy with each bit of pain they accept

Beautiful housewives tortured

These two housewives have grown bored of their husbands boring sex and have decided to seek out something more exciting. But they may have gotten more than they bargained for. They called a Mistress and went to her dungeon and soon found themselves tied up and gagged and about to give in to some tit torment that goes beyond their wildest imaginations. They have no idea how painful it is going to get but the harder they are whipped and the more they are punished the more they discover that this pain game is just what they were looking for. Check out this pain video and see for yourself.You can tell from the perfection of their skin that these beautiful housewives are not used to this kind of pain but they perform beautifully. They give their Mistress just what she is looking for. They show her how much pain they are in by their whimpers and their struggling and the fear in their eyes is a complete turn on. But Mistress knows what she is doing and when she inflicts more pain upon them she has their best interests in mind. She knows they will thank her when she is finally done!

Hot chick submitted to office torture

Sometimes the plain Jane isn`t alone and single because of a lack of a man but more because of a lack of a man that knows how to treat her right. But this office worker started a new job she found out that her new boss was more than just a boss in the office. He knew exactly how to take command and tend to her sexual needs with some pussy torment. She was thrilled and scared senseless but she never uttered a word as he tied her up and proceeded to punish her pussy. This is one of the most awesome office bondage videos you`ll ever see.When you see the fear in her eyes turn to lust it will make your cock so hard you won`t be able to stop. You`re going to love seeing this girl finally get treated the way she wants to by her boss. He isn`t nice and he isn`t delicate - in fact, he is downright mean when he laughs in her face and pinches her nipples until she cries out. But for every rough thing he does to her she knows it is what she wants and she happily submits to the tit torment that she has been craving.

Goth slut submits to mistress

This goth pain slut knows that her Mistress is most pleased when she gives her what she wants and sometimes that involves a bit of pain and sometimes it means giving in to her pleasure. In this pain video though, you`ll see her giving in to the pain and submitting to her Mistress`s every whim with some awesome tit torment. Her Mistress loves to see her squirm and it is almost a contest to see how long her slave girl can hold out before she lets loose a scream. This submissive slut loves every moment of her intense punishment though!In the past, when she was with men, she was bored senseless because their only goal was to get her off as fast as possible so that they could get off. But Mistress has a lot of self-control and she likes to extend their play for as long as she can. And that can be a very long time. Mistress gets off on seeing the sexual torment that she can submit her goth slave girl to. She loves to bring her to the brink of orgasm and then take it away quickly. She loves to punish her with pain before she lets her have the pleasure of cumming.

Tortured pussy leads to pleasure

The temptation of pleasure can really help a woman get passed the pain and she might even begin to enjoy it if she is like one of the women in this pain video set. These chicks had no idea that pain could bring so much pleasure but when they are tied up and the rope is biting into their flesh and their Mistress puts in the ball gag they get wet with excitement. They know that they will be in for some serious pussy torment but they also know that all the pain that their Mistress is intent on giving them will lead to some intense pleasure, too.It is absolutely enticing to see these women submit to the kind of pain that this Mistress can dish out. She is truly cruel in her punishment and takes great joy in making them squirm. She`ll leave them for hours with the ropes rubbing against their skin, knots biting into the most delicate parts, and make them suffer before she comes back to give them attention. And when she does it will be painful! But these bitches love it and you will too when you check out this very hot pain video!

Sweet girl gives in to torment

Sometimes the sweetest girls are the ones that are the kinkiest and the ones that require some pretty extreme sex, as you will soon see in these bondage videos. These girls seem so average - pretty but they really just seem like sweet girls. But what they really love is submitting to some pain before they are rewarded with their pleasure and tit torment like this is just what they crave. The tighter the ropes, the more they are punished with painful lashes, the more the ropes bite into the flesh, the harder they are likely to cum again and again.You will totally get off when you see this sweet young thing tied up by her female boss in the office. Her boss has to punish her though - she screwed up the filing so bad! And when the boss is done with her she`ll know what she has done wrong. But she likes her punishment so much she might do it again so that she can feel the stinging slap of her boss`s hand across her breasts and pussy. This sweet girl may look innocent but there is nothing like the pain of ropes cutting into her flesh to make her feel alive in this pain video.

Mature broad craves a rough hand

With maturity comes wisdom so this broad must be really smart and that is why she knows that you can find a lot of pleasure in pain. Her hubby introduced her to pain after they were married and she soon learned that submitting to his tit torment cravings was just as satisfying for her as it was for him to deliver it. It took a while for her to learn her place but once she did she found that she would get wet just from having the ropes tied around her wrists and ankles. These bondage videos will show you just how much pleasure he can give her if she submits to the pain first.When they were first married it took her awhile to discover that she actually enjoyed being tied up and completely at the mercy of her husband like in this pain video. But when it clicked in her head she realized that it was a complete relief to give up her will to him. And then the real pussy torment pleasure began. He taught her to control he orgasms so that they would be even better and he taught her that pleasure feels so much better when the flesh has been woken up by the bite of the ropes or the sting of a hand. Now, every moment of pain means more pleasure for her.

Jailhouse bondage

Bondage babes behind bars are tied and tethered. Wearing high heels and sexy black lingeries in jail? And nothing else? A lithe brunette struggles to free herself from her bonds in several different positions--tied to a chair, tied with her hands suspended from the ceiling, and more. The cell bars provide an ominous undertone. Then an auburn beauty, also wearing high heels but in more conventional jail garb, is tied up in the same ways and struggles mightily to get free of her bonds. Then we see the brunette again, still trying to free herself.

House of frazier

Bound and gagged, a young woman is captive to a man and his perverted desires. We watch as the kinky man ties up the young woman carefully, paintaking, securely, till she has no hope of excaping. Then we watch her rock back and forth on the floor, unable to move beyond the rocking motions as she sits there in her bonds. Now we watch him painstaking retie her, then tear her clothes off till she is left spreadlegged in her underwear. He grasps her boobs briefly but seems more interested in tying her in different positions and watching her uncomfortably squirm.

The trap

Captive to another woman, a blonde is bound and gagged and enslaved. Trussed up by a harsh and cruel mistress, who is verbally abusive, the young blonde woman gets to a phone and, though tied up, manages to dial (literally -- its a rotary dial phone!) someone for help, and later we see her making her escape in a boat. But the blondes captor prevails. She whips her, then spanks her while wearing leather gloves. After more verbal abuse, the captor dares the victim to escape, threatening her with dire consequences. A terrifying scenario -- nobody would want to be in the blondes shoes.

Sexual bondage play

Two extremely large-titted women dabble in bondage. The two gals take turns tying each other up and watching each other squirm. Theres not much dialogue but a lot of moaning as they observe each other trying to get free of their bonds. A lot of lezzy bi-play, some additional bondage, and a great amount of dialogue ensues. One girl tugs at the other ones bikini bottoms, creating huge friction on her clit. The scene shifts to the outdoors, where one girl moans that she loves rubbing her wet pussy all over the other girls leg. They are having fun with bondage, but its obvious theyre not hardcore BDSM aficionados, just having an afternoons fun.

Secret session

A bound and gagged blonde struggles to get free after her master ties her up. We see her on a couch, trussed up and struggling mightily to get free, but to no avail. Then we see an ordinary-looking, middle-aged man tying her to a chair. Still tied to the chair, the blonde tries in vain to get free of her bonds. Then we see her bent over the chair, struggling still, writhing and moaning, all to no effect. Back on the couch and tied up again, the blonde once again struggles to get free of the ropes. Finally her captor comes to her and begins to untie her.

Web cam bondage

Hot lez action prevails onscreen as two gals take turns being bound and gagged, and ravishing each other. It doesnt seem to matter which is the Dom and which the slave. Both enjoy both roles. The dominant female licks the lips of the captive girl while she holds a ball gag in her mouth. There is much lezzy love-play as the two get down n dirty. More lez sexplay in bondage takes place between the blonde and the brunette. They continue to use ball gags on each other, and at one point one girls tongue is held captive between two chopsticks. Pussy-licking and tit-sucking are the order of the day

A bondage affair

A Master intricately ties his slave to a trapeze. The bound and chained blonde is at the mercy of her Master, who keeps threatening to leave her in that condition, much to her dismay at the prospect of his leaving. Master suspends the blonde from the ceiling, then ties her to a stepladder and goes down on her as she squirms. Then, with the blonde in a supine position, but not trussed very firmly, the Master uses a vibrator on her and makes her squirm, though the blonde doesnt seem very subservient. Or humiliated. What she does seem to be is HOT.

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